BackWPUp Error – “Warning: Job restart due to inactivity for more than 5 minutes”
Jul 2014 28

What? BackWPup Not Working?

Did some research on the recommended WordPress backup plugin and decided to give BackWPup a shot.
Installed the plugin and was really anticipating about the new ability it will be adding to my WordPress arsenal.

Only to run into an error…… Yes a @%@$@! error!

It is a frustrating experience, ain’t it?


Warning: Job Restart Due to Inactivity For More Than 5 Minutes

Now every time I tried to backup my WordPress contents, I see this warning.

Symptom 1: Warning: Job restart due to inactivity for more than 5 minutes

Symptom 2: Each attempt to backup takes a long long time (which I thought to be normal at first), that’s like more than 1000 seconds (about 17 minutes)? And no physical backup-ed file after the said “completed backup” (did I mention I was sending the backup to DropBox?).

I googled for solutions, found a few and tried them out:

– Breaking the backup job into smaller parts? Instead of 1 big file, split it into smaller ones – one part for database, another for the files and another for plugin etc
– Increasing the “Maximum number of retries for job steps”
– Checking the box for “Restart the job on every main step on a running job

It just doesn’t work.

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