Creating Mobile In-App Advertising Campaigns In Google AdWords
Jul 2012 21

From Google AdMob To Google Adwords

Think AdMob and you get Mobile In-App (not mobile websites) Advertising networks.

Acquired by Google in November 2009, AdMob was recently assimilated into the Google AdWords platform a month back. Advertisers are now able to target their advertising efforts across around 300,000 mobile applications in the AdMob network and reach people in 23 countries from within the AdWords interface.

AdWords advertisers will welcome the ability to target specific smartphone or tablet device models (e.g. Samsung S2) or a particular manufacturer brand (e.g. Samsung).

Like the display network, advertisers can choose to target categories available in Google Play Apps / Apple iTunes App Store (automatic placements) or to target specified apps (managed placements).

With the integration, Google AdWords advertisers now have the ease and convenience of running search, display, video and mobile in-app advertising campaigns through a single platform.

Creating Mobile In-App Advertising Campaigns in Google AdWords

For the many seasoned champions in the Google AdWords platform, this should be a piece of cake. It should be even more so with the assistance of Google AdWords Editor (currently at version 9.8.1) which had eased the work of many AdWords professionals since its introduction.

Not so in reality.

Season professionals will not find the settings in “Network”, neither will they be able to set up mobile in-app advertising campaigns in AdWords Editor as this feature ain’t supported just yet.

It’s not really that tough to start a mobile in-app advertising campaigns through the AdWords interface, so let’s get started!

1. Create a new campaign.

2. In the general settings, you will be able to choose from 3 options. Like many AdWords professional, I believe in the clear segregation of network types and campaign purposes so it’s “Display Network Only” for me.

Google AdWords Campaign Type

(click on the image above for the full sized equivalent)

3. Next click on “Mobile Apps”.

Choosing Mobile Apps Setting in Google AdWords

(click on the image above for the full sized equivalent)

4. After you clicked on “Mobile Apps”, many of the irrelevant options will disappear from your monitor’s screen. Complete the other fields in accordance to your requirements. Save.

5. Once save, you will be brought to the next stage to create your ad text.

6. Scroll down once the ad text creation had been completed and you will be given options to choose the “Mobile App Categories” or “Search All Apps” to specify the apps that you want to appear in. Take the former as your automatic placements and the latter as your managed placements.

Mobile Apps Categories - Take this as your Automatic Placements equivalent.

Specified Mobile Apps Targeting - Take this as your Managed Placements equivalent.

(click on the images above for their full sized equivalent)

7. Viola~ Mobile In-App Advertising ready to commence!

*To optimize a mobile-app advertising campaign, just go to the “Display Network” tab. Once the data starts coming in, it’s time to start optimizing!


A Word of Advice For Your Mobile In-App Advertising Campaigns

For the best results, always use a mobile-optimized website instead of your usual desktop monsters (if you are targeting traffic from your ads to a website).

Remember relevancy and user-experience rules.

Think mobile.


  1. Andres says:

    I was reading your post and I believe its for the old admob site.
    Do you have an update on this?
    I really want to create a couple campaigns for my clients to advertise in mobile apps and mobile websites. Now, with all the options, its really hard to start doing this in admob as well as AdWords

  2. Samuel Goh

    Hi Andres,

    I believed the interface had changed again.
    Pardon me, had not been running any in-app advertising for a while already.

    But I think this can still be accessed via orange “+ Campaign” button -> “Display Network only” -> Ads in mobile apps.

    This will be the quick fix.

    I will get this post updated in the next few days.

    Thanks for pointing out!

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