BackWPUp Error – “Warning: Job restart due to inactivity for more than 5 minutes”
Jul 2014 28

What? BackWPup Not Working?

Did some research on the recommended WordPress backup plugin and decided to give BackWPup a shot.
Installed the plugin and was really anticipating about the new ability it will be adding to my WordPress arsenal.

Only to run into an error…… Yes a @%@$@! error!

It is a frustrating experience, ain’t it?


Warning: Job Restart Due to Inactivity For More Than 5 Minutes

Now every time I tried to backup my WordPress contents, I see this warning.

Symptom 1: Warning: Job restart due to inactivity for more than 5 minutes

Symptom 2: Each attempt to backup takes a long long time (which I thought to be normal at first), that’s like more than 1000 seconds (about 17 minutes)? And no physical backup-ed file after the said “completed backup” (did I mention I was sending the backup to DropBox?).

I googled for solutions, found a few and tried them out:

– Breaking the backup job into smaller parts? Instead of 1 big file, split it into smaller ones – one part for database, another for the files and another for plugin etc
– Increasing the “Maximum number of retries for job steps”
– Checking the box for “Restart the job on every main step on a running job

It just doesn’t work.

The Problem With WordPress & LiteSpeed Webservers

I gave up. Gave up on BackWPUp and decided to try out the other alternatives instead – UpDraftPlus.
And that was how I stumbled upon the solution to my BackWPup woes.

So I decided to give it a try – UpDraftPlus’ solution to LiteSpeed webservers.
Maybe, just maybe, it can solve BackWPup’s issue!

Apparently if your WordPress site is hosted on a LiteSpeed webserver, you will have experienced what I did.
It appears that LiteSpeed have some problems with WordPress backup plugins – BackWPup, UpDraftPlus etc.
Tried all of them and met the same issue with each and everyone of them.


Solution To The Error

It’s pretty simple really. You just need to add a line of code into your .htaccess.

RewriteRule .* - [E=noabort:1]

And that’s it, VIOLA!

No more inactivity after 5 minutes and backup restarting (and you get a file after the said completed backup).
Now the whole back up process takes less than a minute (and I do not need to break them up into smaller bits).


Backup At Regular Intervals

Now we got the backup up and running, remember to back up at regular intervals.

You will be glad you did so when you need to restore your WordPress contents…


Disclaimer: The solution to BackWPup is not entirely mine. I just chanced upon UpDraftPlus solution and apply it to the BackWPup scenario.


  1. Thanks for the solution. Now works correctly.

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