Started Searching Sam – The Blog to share perspectives and strategies with like minded practitioners and non-practitioners alike.

The blog focused mainly on search engine marketing (SEM) but search optimization and social media marketing pieces will also be added from time to time.

SEM is but just one part of digital marketing. Whenever marketing dollars allow, search should complement other marketing (both digital and traditional) media to form a 360 degree integrated marketing plan, singing the same marketing message.

SEM should not and should never be a silo-ed effort.



Joined a new digital media start up. A subsidiary of the largest Telco in Singapore.

Jump-start and spearheaded a SEM team.

Exceptional performance led to a promotion 5 months into the stint.

In November of the same year, Searching Sam had the honor to speak at Search Engine Strategies (SES) Singapore on the topic – “SEM for Smartphones and Tablets”.



First venture into the world of digital marketing through GearBox, an entrepreneur effort, retailing motorbiking casual apparels and accessories.

It was social media marketing, instead of search marketing, that got Searching Sam started on digital media.

In the same year, Searching Sam joined a local boutique agency.

The love affair began there.


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