Jul 2012 20

What is Sitelinks Ad Extension?

Part of AdWords’ ad extension, sitelinks is not the new kid on the block in the Google AdWords platform.

Even though sitelinks had been introduced for quite a while now, it is still not commonly used in many SEM campaigns.

Are you familiar with sitelinks? If you are, bear with me for the next paragraph. If you aren’t, let’s do a quick recap!

From Google AdWords Support:

The sitelinks ad extension lets you show links to pages from your website, in addition to the main landing page, beneath the text of your ads. Sitelinks appear in ads at the top and bottom of Google search results. You can activate sitelinks – creating up to ten – when you select your campaign’s settings. From the Ad extensions tab in your AdWords account you’ll be able to edit your link text and URLs and see how ads that contain sitelinks perform.

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Creating Mobile In-App Advertising Campaigns In Google AdWords
Jul 2012 21

From Google AdMob To Google Adwords

Think AdMob and you get Mobile In-App (not mobile websites) Advertising networks.

Acquired by Google in November 2009, AdMob was recently assimilated into the Google AdWords platform a month back. Advertisers are now able to target their advertising efforts across around 300,000 mobile applications in the AdMob network and reach people in 23 countries from within the AdWords interface.

AdWords advertisers will welcome the ability to target specific smartphone or tablet device models (e.g. Samsung S2) or a particular manufacturer brand (e.g. Samsung).

Like the display network, advertisers can choose to target categories available in Google Play Apps / Apple iTunes App Store (automatic placements) or to target specified apps (managed placements).

With the integration, Google AdWords advertisers now have the ease and convenience of running search, display, video and mobile in-app advertising campaigns through a single platform.

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Takeaways from Andreas Weigend’s The Art Of Social Data
Jul 2012 24

What’s Social Data Revolution?

I am sure most of us understand what social data mean and refer to, how about Social Data Revolution?

According to Andreas Weigend’s 2009 article in Harvard Business Review:

Social Data Revolution is the shift in human communication patterns towards increased personal information sharing and its related implications, made possible by the rise of social networks in early 2000s. This phenomenon has resulted in the accumulation of unprecedented amounts of public data.


The Art of Social Data

Less than a fortnight ago, I had the privilege to attend and listen to the man himself, Andreas Weigend on the topic – The Art of Social Data.

“The Art of Social Data” provided great refreshing insights as well as an alternate perspectives to how search campaigns can improve.

Let’s proceed to the key takeaways shall we?

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